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Moving blog

We are preparing for a move!

We are hoping to be moved to the North wing of our building by the end of August. Please check back here for updates.

We are anticipating the work on our new space will be done the week of July 2-6. After that work is done, we can begin the licensing process.

When we are in our new space WE WILL BECOME NUT FREE! Our sister school is already nut free and for us to share our space and kitchen, we need to be nut free as well. We will begin practicing this in August so that we can catch up with everyone who misses the memo.

Update July 16, 2018

We are getting exited for our move. New furniture is arriving, we are planning the layout of the rooms and getting ready to do some painting. The Fire Marshall paid us a visit and there were just a couple of things that needed to be taken care of. He will revisit once the tasks are completed.

Once the Fire Marshall signs off, we move to the licensing portion of our journey. Because this is a new (to us) space, it needs to be licensed as a new space. We are looking forward to meeting our new licensor and getting the rooms ready for occupancy.

After the licensor signs off, we are able to open our new space. Hopefully by the 4th of September!