Touring Trettin
-Tours are limited to Thursdays starting promptly at 2:30pm, and meet at the northern entrance of the UCUCC on 16th Ave NE. No RSVP required. Children are welcome! Please email to schedule a personal tour if Thursday afternoons don't work for you.
-Parking is available in the parking lot on 16th Ave NE, across from the UCUCC. Please refer to the parking information on our Contact Us page for more detailed information.
-A registration packet will be provided for you during the tour. 

-To make a reservation, email by 3pm the prior business day with:
    -Child's full name
    -Child's date of birth
    -Dates and times you'd like to reserve
    -You'll receive a prompt response
-Want to schedule for an entire month? Sign up for our monthly pass program: reserve your spot for an entire month and receive 10% off.
-Trettin is a busy place. We recommend making a reservation as soon as you know you need care.
-Non-refundable payment equivalent to half of the reserved time must be made to hold your reservation. No refunds are given for cancelled reservations.