Find the right payment/reservation program that works for you and your family. Trettin offers a child-centered, play-based curriculum that encourages choice-making, autonomy, and social competence. Our teachers are long term, caring, experienced, and certified.

Hourly Payment Each Day

This is our most popular option for those with flexible or frequently changing schedules. A 3-hour minimum is required with up to a maximum of 6 hours per day. We recommend you make a reservation as soon as you know you need childcare. Payment of your reservation is due when your reservation is confirmed. Cancellations 72 hours or more in advance are eligible for refund.

Prepaid Punch Card

The most flexible way to reserve space and save money! Consider purchasing a punch card in 20-hour blocks. For each 20 hour card purchased, you receive a FREE hour! This option allows you to call and reserve space in advance as needed. Cancellations 72 hours or more in advance are eligible for refund.

Prepaid Monthly Pass

If you know your schedule, your child will be attending Trettin regularly (at least 8 hours a month) and you'd like a discount; a monthly pass is the way to go. Reserve by filling out a pass, then prepay by the first day your child attends each month and you get a 10% discount. No refunds will be made for cancellations of pass dates.

Tuition Assistance

  • Licensed by the WA State Department of Early Learning. As a licensed program, UW tuition reimbursement and DSHS are accepted.
  • Scholarships through the UCUCC Child Care Program may be available for those who qualify. Trettin Drop In Preschool is the only not-for-profit drop in program in this area, as well as the only one that provides a tuition subsidy program based on income. If you have applied for DSHS and been denied, you may qualify for our scholarship.

Fine Details

Registration Fee = $75 per family, non-refundable

Security key card for entrance into the school included with registration fee.

Registration due at 1st visit.

A 3-hour minimum is required for each visit with up to a maximum of 6 hours per day.

After the 3 hour minimum, tuition is paid by the half hour - rounding up to the next half hour.

Payment to be made by cash with exact change, check/money order or credit/debit card.

Late Policy

A late fee is in effect after 6 hours or after 4:00 PM: $12.50 charge for each 15 minutes late. This charge is per child, sibling discounts do not apply.

1-15 min = $12.50, 16-30 min = $25.00, 31-45 min = $37.50, 46-60 min = $52.00, 60+ min = $52.00 + $1/min

Continual late pick-up will require withdrawal from the program.