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COVID-19 Update


UCUCC Child Care Programs in Modified Operations until further notice

Hello Families,

I am scheduling those families that want to return at this time and wanted to let you know what our modified operations look like. We are scheduling children by the week and have special rates during this time. Billing is weekly, with prorated options for less than 5 day schedules. This modified schedule includes a nap period in all age ranges. (This is a change from our regular routine for Trettin families.)

The rates for this time are based on your child's regular classroom assignment. The rate for Room 243 is $475.00/week, the rate for Room 241 is $440.00/week; the rate for Rooms 237, 337, 341, 345 is $410.00/week. All of the classrooms currently have a maximum group size of 10 children and 2 adults. There is no hourly billing available at this time. We are calling the classrooms by their room numbers during this time for ease of future reporting on this strange time. We have resumed dance class with Diana as of June 8, if your child attends on Wednesdays, they will have dance class. Cost for this is $11.25/ week.

Our hours are from to 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday-Friday. Families that are attending are given pick up and drop off time frames to avoid having more than one family in the hall at once. If you need to change your times or days, please let me know.

Parents will be dropping off and picking up without actually coming beyond the vestibule of the center. Parents will be asked about their child's health since they were last here and their temperature will be logged as well. Admin Staff will be bringing the children at the end of the day. Please feel free to email the classroom of your child for more information/contact with the teachers if desired. Staff wellness checks will also be logged daily.

Children and staff will wash their hands before coming into the classrooms and before leaving for the day. These times are in addition to the greatly increased hand washing protocols in the classrooms. Per DOH, we request that lunches and extra clothes come in disposable bags, so as to avoid surface contamination. Blankets and loveys need to be washed daily. If they are left here, they will be washed by center staff with the nap sheets. (This process involves hot water and bleach!) If you take them home you are responsible for washing them daily.

All adults are required to wear face masks as of May 18 all the time (exceptions are when eating or drinking). Children over 2 are expected to wear face masks. Per licensing, children under 2 and anyone with a physical limitation that makes mask removal difficult are not to wear masks.

Playground times are changed in order to have only one group outside at a time. Items on the playground are being 3 stage washed between groups. The classrooms are being 3 stage washed while the children are outside. We have suspended use of the wooden climbers outside per the DOH, we have brought out some cleanable plastic toys and a plastic climber to supplement what is available.

We have applied for and received a waiver for school-aged children to come. If your 6-9 year old is also going a bit stir crazy, we may be able to accommodate them as well. Please email for more information.

Due to the nature of this pandemic, we will be changing the way we do things as needed and required by the DOH and licensing. Please bear with us at this time. We will be sharing information with you as we get it.

Nancy Dennison

Assistant Director

UCUCC Child Care Programs


Statement from the UCUCC Child Care Programs

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We join with the others in our nation and the world who are mourning the senseless deaths of so many BIPOC. We support the peaceful protests that are happening, and feel the pain of witnessing police harming those peaceful protesters. Because we are currently a white-led and largely white-staffed organization, I do not claim to speak for BIPOC, but instead offer myself and those who care to join me in amplifying the voices of those who are already speaking so eloquently for themselves. As Willard Jimmerson said at the rally at Othello Park today: “We got skin in the game. We need you to have skin in the game.”

Our values have long been aimed at providing the best outcomes for families. We have strong anti-bias values. We prioritize families that are on subsidy and may not have other options for high-quality child care. We participate in measures to reduce/eliminate expulsion at the preschool level. We work to do away with the school-to-prison pipeline. We work to have all our children see themselves represented in our space in a positive light. This is no longer enough. We NEED to do better, from instituting more trauma informed care, to intentionally seeking out diverse staff that reflect the families that we serve.

We are fortunate to have partner agencies that aid us in this quest who have already sent us their own statements of support as well as resources for our families and staff. Additionally, they have restated their commitment to assisting us in the long, hard road ahead. We WILL be able to make systemic changes with the assistance of agencies like Child Care Aware and IMPACT. We are willing to reaffirm our commitment to doing the work. We hope the families in our programs will join us to whatever extent they are able.

UCUCC Child Care Programs have supported families in our community for over 50 years now. Our Mission Statement: “Supported by the congregation of University Congregational United Church of Christ, the mission of the UCUCC Child Care Programs is to provide high quality child care. We strive to meet the needs of all children in a non-sectarian, diverse, and safe environment. Priority in admissions is given to low-income families.” Major support for the programs comes from UCUCC, not only financially, but through use of space rent free. Their statement of belief includes the following: "As an open and affirming congregation we celebrate our diversity in religious background, sexual orientation, race and abilities."

Dated June 7, 2020

Nancy Dennison

Program Supervisor

UCUCC Child Care Programs

Trettin Drop In Preschool offers an emergent preschool curriculum taught by experienced teachers for children ages 2 until starting kindergarten.

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Trettin is a mission of the University Congregational United Church of Christ, which is also the home of the Child Learning and Care Center. Both programs are secular (non-religious).

Mission Statement

Supported by the congregation of University Congregational United Church of Christ the mission of the UCUCC Child Care Programs is to provide high quality childcare. We strive to meet the needs of children in a nonsectarian, diverse, and safe environment. Priority in admission is given to low income families.

UCUCC Child Care Programs is a separately operated 501(c) (3), from the church.

Washington State Department of Early Learning Licensed Child Care

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