Room 237 - The Sprouts

Room 237 is the youngest of our toddler classrooms. It is where children get to learn about themselves, build strong relationships with their teachers and get to know their peers. We work to meet their needs and not our schedule. We work to find the routines that work best for the children we have with us in an environment of respect and trusting relationships.

Sprouts Daily Schedule

8:00: Children Arriving and Opening Duties

(Grab Bleach Bottles, restock dishes and diapers, bleach tables, set prompts)

8:00- 8:30: Breakfast Snack

8:30- 9:00: Playground Time (Lower)

9:00- 10:25: Diapers and Freeplay (Possible Curriculum Time)

10:25- 10:50: Playground Time (Upper)

10:50- 11:30: Wash and Lunch

11:30- 2:00: Nap Time/ Quiet Time (At 1:30 children who are awake can find quiet off mat activities with teachers or be diapered)

2:00- 2:30: Afternoon Snack Time/ Diapers

2:30- 3:05: Free Play/ Circle Time

3:05- 3:30: Playground Time (Upper)

3:30- 4:20: Freeplay/ Curriculum Time

4:20- 4:50: Playground Time Lower

4:50- 5:20: Late Snack Time (Children Begin to Go Home)

5:20- 6:00: Children are going home, Freeplay, Closing Duties

(Bleach Toys, Tables and Surfaces, Throwout or take home leftover food in fridge and cupboard, Restock laundry, Boil silicone tools, empty and three step clean bleach bottles in kitchen)