Enrollment Information & Forms

Family Handbook & Enrollment Forms

You will receive an Enrollment Packet when you visit the facility for a tour or you can print one from this document. (Print double sided, as this document is quite large.) All forms for Registration must be completed and turned in before the child's first day. We cannot provide care for your child without these forms. Please turn in your CIS form (included) with your registration information! 

For more information about our partner organizations or our assessment tools read the information packet here:

Unsure about if your child is well enough to come to care? The document below can help:

Please review a current copy of our family handbook at this link. Please read this before registering. 

If you need us to apply diaper cream to your child, the form is here:

If you need a medication authorization form for your enrollment packet, you may find one here:

Sunscreen Authorization Forms. Print the appropriate page, either for Center Provided or Parent Provided Sunscreen:

If you need an allergy care plan for your enrollment packet, you may find one here:

If you think you may qualify for financial assistance we highly encourage you to check out you options! You can view the document here for more information:

Tips and Tricks:

How to safelist an email: If you want to stay apprised of your place  on the waitlist it is a good idea to add a rule to safelist emails from our programs. More info on that here: www.whitelist.guide/gmail/  (You can choose your own email service from the page for instruction specific to your needs.) Email addresses to add include: waitlist@childlearning.org, A_D@childlearning.org, director@childlearning.org , office@childlearning.org .