Virtual Tour & FAQ

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What times are you open? UCUCC Child Care Programs is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM- 5:30 PM.

What ages of children do you serve? We serve children ages 12 months through 5 years, until the time that they start kindergarten.

How many children are in your programs? Our Programs are licensed by Washington State DCYF (Department of Children, Youth and Families) for a maximum of 85 children in 6 classrooms. 

Do you provide part time care? We have a variety of flexible scheduling options. Families can register for 2-5 days of regular care. For a more flexible option families can utilize our limited number of drop-in spaces. Drop-in spaces can be scheduled in advance for a full or half day of care. For more information about this, please see our  "Rate & Fees" page.

Do you have a sliding fee scale? We do not have a sliding scale for tuition. We do, however, provide scholarships based on income for families who do not qualify for other subsidy programs.  We ask that you apply for subsidy with DSHS, the City of Seattle or UW student funding programs first.  Our scholarship fund is limited, and we want to be able to serve as many families as possible through our program.  We do prioritize enrollment to subsidy families on our wait list.  We will work with families regarding payment or payment plans for registration fee and tuition deposit. 

What meals do you serve? We will provide a morning snack/light breakfast, a snack in the afternoon, and an evening snack. We ask families to provide a lunch daily. 

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies? Snacks and meals provided by the programs are vegetarian and have dairy free options. We provide organic whole milk at meals and have oat and soy milk available for children who cannot have dairy. We are a a tree and peanut free program. Please do not send your child with anything containing nuts/peanuts. If your child has additional allergies you can work with the admin team to see if reasonable substitutions can be made. 

What should children bring to preschool? Children should come with a lunch appropriate for the child's age/development, a water bottle, and changes of clothes. If your child would like they may also bring a blanket and/or soft toy for rest time. Please leave other toys at home. 

Are donations tax deductible? The UCUCC Child Care Programs are a 501 (c)3, and most donations are tax deductible.  We recommend that you check with a tax adviser to make sure.  We accept donations to our scholarship fund and to our teacher development program. If you would like a receipt for donations made please ask the admin team. 

Please see our Family Handbook on our Forms Page under Enrollment for more detailed information.