At UCUCC Child Care Programs we have six classrooms to serve up to 85 children on any given day. Our four classrooms are organized around age groupings so that your child can share experiences with their peer group. Room 237 is the youngest toddler classroom, beginning at 12 months; Room 241 is for older toddlers, children transition to this group near 24 months; Room 243 is our young preschoolers, children will leave this room with the cohort they will go to Kindergarten with; Rooms 345 is for mixed-age preschoolers (3-5 years) and Room 337 is our Pre-K classroom.

We are fortunate to have a large outdoor playground and easy access to places like the University of Washington campus for walks. On very rainy or cold days we also have an indoor play area downstairs.

We are closed on all major holidays. See our Days Closed page for closure dates.